Al Gore Archives

  • 2011.06.25: Understanding Al Gore's celebrity
  • 2011.06.23: Al Gore, father of 4, wants to fight global warming with population control
  • 2011.06.06: Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make Proud
  • 2011.04.16: Our future home?!
  • 2011.02.03: Russ Vaughn Is An Idiot
  • 2011.02.02: I guess this is called covering all your bases
  • 2010.07.02: Just In Case You Wanted a Visual Representation of the Allegations of Al Gore's Accuser
  • 2010.06.23: No Happy Endings For Al Gore
  • 2010.06.02: Jay Tea's Evil Pun Of The Day
  • 2010.06.01: End of a Love Story
  • 2010.05.18: Al Gore boosts sales of Xanax, Zoloft and Prozac
  • 2010.03.10: Al Gore is a liar - It's settled science
  • 2010.02.21: "Al's hockey schtick is broken"
  • 2009.12.17: Al Gore is the real hoax
  • 2009.12.16: "They have been spouting the same nonsense for more than a decade"
  • 2009.12.15: "I believe in the Climate Change, the holy Goric church"
  • 2009.12.14: Al Gore is a big fat liar
  • 2009.12.13: Not only did he invent the Internet, he's cured insomnia
  • 2009.12.10: Al Gore dismisses ClimateGate
  • 2009.11.29: The global warming house of cards is on the verge of collapse
  • 2009.11.18: Al Gore: Basic Science
  • 2009.11.02: Al Gore, Carbon Billionaire
  • 2009.10.18: Not Evil Just Wrong premieres tonight
  • 2009.02.10: Some Comments On TARP 2.0
  • 2009.01.27: The Goracle's global warming screed may be frozen out
  • 2008.06.15: Global warming hits Washington hard... with SNOW in June.
  • 2008.04.22: In honor of Earth Day...
  • 2008.04.04: Experts: No link between hurricanes and global warming
  • 2008.03.30: Will Al Gore rescue the Democrats?
  • 2007.10.13: Gore's Nobel Peace Prize Getting Cool Reception
  • 2007.10.12: An Inconvenient Truth: The Nobel Peace Prize Can't Be Taken Seriously Any More
  • 2007.09.07: How Green Was My Valet . . .
  • 2007.07.04: Al Gore III Arrested for Drug Possession
  • 2007.06.29: Clinton vs. Gore 2008?
  • 2007.06.12: Al Gore: It doesn't matter which Bush is in Office, He lied and people died
  • 2007.03.13: More Scientists Criticizing Gore's Global Warming Scare Campaign
  • 2007.03.04: UK Documentary: The Great Global Warming Swindle
  • 2007.03.03: Al Gore's Inconvenient Profit
  • 2007.03.02: Aqua Net Offsets for All!
  • 2007.02.26: Al Gore's Own Inconvenient Truth
  • 2006.05.31: Is Hillary Clinton the Dead Candidate Walking?
  • 2006.05.30: Gore: Bush is a Right Wing Extremist
  • 2006.01.27: Gore Blasts New Canadian Prime Minister
  • 2006.01.18: Al Gore Calls For Independent Review Of Something He's Already Declared A Crime
  • 2006.01.17: Al Gore Vs. History
  • 2005.12.21: AP Watch - Spot The Error Edition
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