Harry Reid Archives

  • 2011.04.01: Harry Reid (D-NV) does the Fleebaggers one better
  • 2010.12.16: Reid folds
  • 2010.12.04: But before we fix anything, how's about some completely irrelevant college football?
  • 2010.09.15: Harry Reid on Chris Coons: "He's my pet"
  • 2010.08.17: Meet Harry Reid, Islamaphobe and apparent bigot
  • 2010.08.11: Harry Reid: "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican"
  • 2010.07.14: Deceased Nevada resident gets her final say
  • 2010.07.13: Rasmussen: Harry Reid now only trailing Sharron Angle by three points?
  • 2010.06.10: Initial polling positive in quest to remove Reid
  • 2010.05.17: Tuesday's Primaries Begin The Banquet Of Consequences
  • 2010.05.12: The Failure Of The Federal Confidence Game
  • 2010.05.05: So then I guess that would make you...
  • 2010.04.23: Well That Explains The Race Baiting And McVeigh Comparisons
  • 2010.04.14: Democrat's 2010 Problem Discovered By The Mainstream
  • 2010.04.12: The New Yorker Reveals Democrat's Secret Plan For 2010 Midterms
  • 2010.04.08: Are Rasmussen and Gallup Converging? Why Democrats Continue To Ignore The Obvious
  • 2010.03.31: Porkulus, Unemployment and President Obama's New Love Of Off Shore Drilling
  • 2010.03.27: The Unintended Consequences Of ObamaCare: A Lesson In Incompetence
  • 2010.03.16: Democrats In Chaos: Act III
  • 2010.03.12: Will Democrats Fall On Their Swords For ObamaCare?
  • 2010.03.12: Harry Reid's wife and daughter injured in car crash
  • 2010.02.15: Can You Hear Me Now?
  • 2010.02.15: Bayh kept Reid in the dark about his retirement plans
  • 2010.01.18: Experiences In Retail Politics: Exchanges High For Democrats
  • 2010.01.12: Harry Reid, the crazy Uncle under the stairs
  • 2010.01.11: "hmmm...what's wrong with this picture?"
  • 2010.01.10: World take note... racist remarks are excused as long as you're passionate
  • 2009.12.16: Democrat Chaos and Comedy
  • 2009.11.20: The "R" Files
  • 2009.11.17: Fictional Jobs in Fictional Districts: Garbage In, Garbage Out
  • 2009.10.25: Harry Reid's Vivid Imagination
  • 2009.08.22: Are You Ready For Massive Inflation?
  • 2009.08.07: Loonacy Of Presidential Proportions
  • 2009.07.11: Obama, Stimulus II and Small Business
  • 2009.07.01: President Obama's Unemployment Promises
  • 2009.05.16: Torture Debate Bites Democrats
  • 2009.03.20: AIG Mob Invades Neighborhood
  • 2009.03.18: Pelosi Tries To Put Toothpaste Back In The Tube
  • 2009.03.18: Democrats Reeling From AIG Mess
  • 2009.03.10: Democrats Get Worried About Obama
  • 2009.03.01: Some Comments By An Honest Democrat
  • 2009.02.21: Let The Banks Fail
  • 2009.02.15: Iraqis open arms to romance as violence fades; fundamentalist Islam and Code Pink, Reid, Obama, other Iraq war dead-enders hardest hit
  • 2009.02.11: Democrat Theater
  • 2009.01.09: Meet the Obama Way, same as the Chicago Way
  • 2009.01.07: Worst Bluff Ever
  • 2009.01.03: Harry Reid Lobbies Against "Unelectable" African Americans
  • 2008.11.06: The Most Bipartisan Congress Ever
  • 2007.12.25: Christmas Reading Round Up
  • 2007.12.19: Senate approves $70 billion for wars
  • 2007.12.13: Democrats cave to Bush - again
  • 2007.10.12: Rush Challenges Harry Reid and Senate Democrats: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  • 2007.09.20: Harry Reid jumps thru hoop, falls flat on face
  • 2007.09.19: Antiwar Left yanks leash on Harry Reid
  • 2007.09.12: Reid vows to block Olson as AG
  • 2007.07.18: Harry Reid Thinks He's so Smart - But He's Not
  • 2007.06.11: Dennis Miller Exposes Harry Reid for what he is: nothing of any importance
  • 2007.06.06: Harry Reid calls Illegals "undocumented Americans"
  • 2007.04.25: Reid calls General Petraeus a liar
  • 2007.04.19: Reid Denounced Supreme Court Ruling Upholding Statute He Voted For
  • 2007.04.03: Reids plans to cut funds for Iraq War
  • 2007.03.15: Senate Dems' Iraq Pull Out Plan Fails
  • 2007.03.06: Democrat Response to the Libby Verdict
  • 2007.01.17: Bringing Harry Reid to His Knees on Earmark Reform
  • 2006.12.27: Harry Reid is Simply Too Busy to be Bothered with President Ford's Funeral
  • 2006.11.15: Abramoff Implicates Harry Reid
  • 2006.10.11: Harry Reid's Dirty Little Land Deal
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