Jack Murtha Archives

  • 2010.05.17: Tuesday's Primaries Begin The Banquet Of Consequences
  • 2010.05.14: NC-7 Ilario Pantano for Congress and the Primary Losers Who Won't Accept Defeat
  • 2009.02.19: Murtha's Earmark Machine
  • 2009.02.17: Pelosi's Ethical Congress
  • 2008.10.29: Will Murtha learn to say he's sorry?
  • 2008.10.29: Murtha on Russell: "No [expletive] way will a Virginia carpetbagger represent my district"
  • 2008.10.23: Russell Leading Murtha!
  • 2008.10.22: Head-Scratching Over Pennsylvania?
  • 2008.10.15: Jack Murtha: Senior citizens and military veterans in western PA are RAAAAACIST!
  • 2008.06.05: Haditha Marine found not guilty on all counts
  • 2008.04.16: Mad Murtha
  • 2008.01.15: Big Pig takes Pork crown
  • 2007.10.06: I'm Still Not Questioning His Patriotism
  • 2007.08.10: Murtha stands mute
  • 2007.05.23: Freshmen Fail First Ethics Test
  • 2007.04.29: Impeachment: It's not just for high crimes and misdemeanors anymore
  • 2007.02.26: Murtha's Slow Bleed Plan Going Nowhere
  • 2007.02.18: The Left is Rooting for America's Defeat in Iraq
  • 2007.01.10: Murtha Wants to Close Gitmo
  • 2006.11.16: It's Hoyer Over Murtha
  • 2006.11.15: Murtha Decries "Swiftboating" -- Wants To Restore Integrity and Civility
  • 2006.11.13: With the Democrats in Control, the Culture of Corruption is Far from Over
  • 2006.11.12: Can You Say House Majority Leader Murtha? Well, You Better Start Practicing
  • 2006.11.01: Diana Irey Hits Murtha Where it Hurts: Abscam
  • 2006.08.15: Lawmaker Apologizes To Marines For Comments
  • 2006.08.02: Marine Names Murtha in Haditha Defamation Suit
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