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  • 2010.07.11: Life long Democrats allege widespread voter fraud and intimidation in 2008...
  • 2010.04.24: More Evidence That Democrats Are Freaking Out About 2010
  • 2010.04.23: Well That Explains The Race Baiting And McVeigh Comparisons
  • 2010.03.04: Once Again, A Cartoon Sparks Anger From the Party Of Perpetual Outrage
  • 2009.10.26: Democrat Ad Fuels Hatred Toward Doug Hoffman Because He's Rich
  • 2008.05.20: Oregon
  • 2008.05.20: Kentucky
  • 2008.04.25: Politics Update
  • 2008.04.15: Brawl
  • 2008.04.15: BET Founder Says: Obama Not Ready for Prime Time
  • 2008.04.14: Horror Show
  • 2008.04.12: Fear and Loathing in Denver
  • 2008.04.08: Circular Firing Squad
  • 2008.03.15: Armageddon
  • 2008.02.12: Count Every Vote
  • 2007.05.16: DNC Sets Debate Schedule; Fox News Excluded
  • 2006.12.11: Incoming Democrat House Intelligence Chair fails Intelligence Quiz
  • 2006.12.07: Are the Democrats Holding Secret Meetings with Hamas? Part II
  • 2006.08.09: Michael Moore to Pro-War Democrats: Fall into Line or We Will Destroy You
  • 2006.07.14: Counting Jesus Fish On Car Bumpers
  • 2006.06.24: Peggy Noonan: Washington Democrats Think Their Core Voters are Barking Mad
  • 2006.05.11: ABA Collaborates with Democrats to Undermine Bush Judicial Nominees
  • 2006.04.22: Top Dem on House Ethics Committee Steps Down
  • 2006.04.10: Democrats Recruiting at Illegal Immigrant Protests
  • 2006.04.01: Censure? Impeachment?
  • 2006.01.22: Seattle Democrat Keeps Abramoff Contributions For Fear Of "Tainting" Indians
  • 2005.09.15: Howard Dean's Phony Groundswell Against John Roberts
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