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  • 2011.01.22: "I look at them unflinchingly and see meat"
  • 2010.10.17: Might the number of suicides today have something to do with "the wisdom of the age"?
  • 2010.09.13: Stephen Hawking's less than reasonable faith
  • 2010.06.13: Note to Helen Thomas (and others): Jews are home in Israel
  • 2010.05.02: "scientists are so thoroughly steeped in knee-jerk male bashing"
  • 2010.02.04: Re-visiting the Terri Schiavo issue
  • 2010.02.02: This just in...
  • 2010.01.02: The Global Warming threat is analogous to the Y2K threat
  • 2010.01.02: Atmospheric CO2 levels have not increased
  • 2009.12.12: Strange Spiral Light Show Over Norway
  • 2009.11.30: Climategate: Week in Review
  • 2009.11.29: The global warming house of cards is on the verge of collapse
  • 2009.11.14: Two incredible scientific discoveries
  • 2009.04.28: The End Of The World Is Nigh!
  • 2009.04.26: Alert! Alert! Alert!
  • 2009.03.13: About Barack Obama's EO on Federal Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  • 2009.02.28: Bellowing smoke
  • 2009.02.21: I, for one, welcome our new science-twisting public health overlords
  • 2008.12.09: Groovy
  • 2008.10.05: Just smashing
  • 2008.07.16: A million miles here, a million miles there
  • 2008.06.12: Obvious Story Of The Day
  • 2008.04.05: Does a wild bear dance in the woods?
  • 2008.04.04: DNA busts cave-pooper - 14,000 years later!
  • 2008.04.03: Sex, deceit, jealousy, transvestitism, and . . . MURDER!
  • 2008.03.15: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2008.01.17: Monkeying around
  • 2007.12.23: Mars could be hit by asteroid next month
  • 2007.12.17: Deevolution?
  • 2007.12.11: Coming soon: "Gay Spray™"
  • 2007.12.06: Kangaroo farts could ease global warming
  • 2007.11.19: It's A Great Big Universe, And We're All Really Puny...
  • 2007.10.23: Chinese to test space weapon in moon shot
  • 2007.10.22: Next "Endangered Species": Crab lice?
  • 2007.10.13: I take thee, Robot . . .
  • 2007.10.10: Fat's not bad for you? Double cheesecake to go, please
  • 2007.10.08: Obama's energy plan: shut down the economy?
  • 2007.10.06: Artificial life created?
  • 2007.09.26: The Perfect Boob
  • 2007.09.08: My dog is smarter than your Honor Student
  • 2007.08.11: Catch a falling star
  • 2007.08.10: Al Gore's Global Warming Hysteria the Result of a NASA Programming Error
  • 2007.07.06: Did Wayne Industries underwrite this research?
  • 2007.04.11: The Stem Cell Research that's Working Now
  • 2007.01.23: The land of the rising rocket
  • 2007.01.07: Human Stem Cells Found in Amniotic Fluid
  • 2006.12.20: The Science Behind Why I have Green Eyes and My Kids Have Blue
  • 2006.07.25: Drought-stricken Australia Considers Accepting Reality
  • 2006.04.02: Before Global Warming There Was Global Cooling
  • 2006.03.08: Global Warming Evidence Questioned
  • 2006.02.07: Stand-By for Global Cooling
  • 2006.01.13: Save The Planet- Clear Cut The Rainforest
  • 2005.11.30: Ice Age Predicted, Blamed on Global Warming
  • 2005.11.11: Jay Tea Bends The Space-Time Continuum
  • 2005.10.11: Breaking News: Man Insignificant
  • 2005.09.21: Study Shows Climate Change on Mars. Which Republican is to blame?
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