UN Archives

  • 2011.04.29: Turmoil at the UN
  • 2011.03.26: Has Obama ceded national sovereignty to the United Nations?
  • 2011.02.24: Why the UN is a joke (UPDATED)
  • 2011.02.17: Obama to rebuke Israel at UN
  • 2010.11.30: "It is a funny sort of global crisis"
  • 2010.11.09: Why Are We Still In the UN?
  • 2010.09.01: Obama Administration: America violates human rights
  • 2010.06.05: Horrors... the UN is involved in exaggerating a crisis
  • 2010.03.20: The Demonization Of Israel Continues
  • 2009.10.22: British UN Worker: World's Most Dangerous Job?
  • 2009.04.20: UN Racism Conference update -- they're doin' it right
  • 2009.03.14: The Knucklehead of the Day award
  • 2009.01.15: UN Chief Expresses Outrage Over UN Compound Bombing
  • 2008.05.28: Blue Means Danger
  • 2007.10.22: Don't sit under the baobob tree with anyone else but me
  • 2007.10.19: I Think I know How Cassandra Felt
  • 2007.10.03: Jimmy Carter in Dafur: High Plains Grifter
  • 2007.09.07: More Proof Of The UN's Ineptitude
  • 2007.08.31: UN-worthy Of Trust
  • 2007.08.30: Nerve gas found at UN
  • 2007.08.11: UN troops 'helped smuggle gold'
  • 2006.12.11: Kofi Goes Out Bashing Bush, U.S.
  • 2006.11.14: Blogging for Bolton
  • 2006.11.08: So What Does This Say About the Democrats' Win?
  • 2006.10.17: Guatemala Still Leads Venezuela for UNSC Seat
  • 2006.10.16: Will It Be Venezuela or Guatemala on the UNSC?
  • 2006.10.14: Breaking: UNSC Votes Unanimously to Place Sanctions on NoKo
  • 2006.09.22: A Hip Homicidal Apocalyptic Lunatic?
  • 2006.09.22: More On The UN Moonbat Meltdown
  • 2006.09.20: White House Reaction to Chavez' Speech
  • 2006.09.20: Moonbat Meltdown At the UN
  • 2006.09.14: Blogging for Bolton
  • 2006.09.02: Like We Didn't See This One Coming
  • 2005.12.27: Two for you, one for me... two for you, one for me...
  • 2005.11.08: Memo To The UN...
  • 2005.10.11: UNICEF Carpet Bombs Smurf Village
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