Gitmo Archives

  • 2011.05.10: "He undermines the left's preening moral posturing on the War on Terror"
  • 2011.05.09: Yes, history will be kind to George W. Bush
  • 2010.07.15: Gitmo detainees are enjoying life under Obama
  • 2010.02.15: "Twenty percent isn't that bad"
  • 2009.12.29: This just in...
  • 2009.12.28: Obama, Your B+ in National Security Won't Cut It
  • 2009.10.15: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You
  • 2009.09.25: Breaking: White House Finally Admits that Guantanamo Bay May Not Be Closed by January 2010
  • 2009.07.26: Michigan Democrats want Gitmo Detainees
  • 2009.06.26: Flippin' With Barack On The Bay
  • 2009.05.23: Some Real History Of Wartime Interrogation
  • 2009.05.19: Democrats won't Fund Closing of Guantanamo Bay
  • 2009.05.07: How Does Closing GITMO Make Us Safer?
  • 2009.03.18: Attorney General Holder: Some Gitmo Detainees Could be Release into the US
  • 2009.02.25: Report: Abuse of Gitmo Detainees Skyrockets Under Obama
  • 2009.02.23: Wait, so we aren't mistreating detainees at Gitmo?
  • 2009.02.07: Fetch me the world's smallest violin
  • 2009.02.06: Gary Swenchonis: Why I Refused to Meet with Obama
  • 2009.02.06: Obama Meeting with Families of Cole and 9/11 Victims
  • 2009.02.04: Must Read Cheney
  • 2009.01.23: Global recession impacts consumer spending, former Guantanamo imate hardest hit
  • 2009.01.21: Barack Obama to Close Overseas Interrogation Sites
  • 2009.01.13: Bush admits "authorizing torture" - or did he?
  • 2009.01.12: I know why the caged jihadi sings
  • 2008.12.19: Radio Gitmo
  • 2008.05.14: War on Terror Update
  • 2008.05.07: War on Terror Update
  • 2008.02.11: Law & Order Update
  • 2008.01.11: D.C. Appeals Court Rules Against Former Gitmo Detainees: Lawsuit against Rumsfeld and other gov't officials thrown out
  • 2007.10.28: In Praise of Congressman Tom Lantos
  • 2007.08.12: Gitmo suspects UK wants freed are a threat
  • 2007.01.10: Murtha Wants to Close Gitmo
  • 2006.11.09: The New Direction in Washington: All Investigations All the Time
  • 2006.10.04: A Close Up View of Detainees at Gitmo - Part II
  • 2006.07.31: Gitmo Guards are Attacked by Detainees
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