Islamic Fascism Archives

  • 2011.05.02: Will we see hell unleashed?
  • 2011.02.16: Appalled, Disgusted, And Unsurprised
  • 2011.02.15: The Muslim Brotherhood's forked tongue
  • 2011.02.14: About that Egyptian freedom movement
  • 2010.10.04: A Rabbi speaks
  • 2010.08.07: 'I am Muslim. Don't kill me' (UPDATED)
  • 2010.06.10: Taliban execute 7 year old boy
  • 2010.05.01: Ahmadinejad links US, Israel to terrorist organizations
  • 2010.03.20: The Demonization Of Israel Continues
  • 2010.02.07: Might Brian McLaren and company look to help these oppressed people?
  • 2010.02.06: Pure evil
  • 2010.01.18: Islamofascism: Giving a whole new meaning to killer hairdo
  • 2010.01.08: Google afraid of Islamic-based terrorism?
  • 2010.01.06: Al Qaeda's Submarines
  • 2009.12.28: Obama, Your B+ in National Security Won't Cut It
  • 2009.10.23: Taliban suicide bomber targets nuclear base in Pakistan
  • 2009.01.21: Barack Obama to Close Overseas Interrogation Sites
  • 2009.01.07: ANSWER: We're not anti-semitic, we just hate all Jews
  • 2008.12.08: Jihad At Sea
  • 2008.05.14: War on Terror Update
  • 2008.05.08: War on Terror Update
  • 2008.03.29: "Fitna" is still available
  • 2008.02.11: Reality Check: Terrorist Bombers Might Use "Pregnancy Prosthetics"
  • 2008.02.01: Reality Check: Al-Qaeda in Iraq Sinks to Ghastly New Low
  • 2008.01.17: Ominous news from Pakistan
  • 2008.01.16: Judge Orders Libya to Pay $6 Billion for 1989 Terror Bombing
  • 2007.10.18: Bhutto returns to teeming crowds in Pakistan
  • 2007.09.19: Ahmadinejad wants to visit Ground Zero
  • 2007.09.17: Palestinian Authority celebrates 9/11 - again
  • 2007.09.09: Analyzing Osama
  • 2007.08.30: Pakistan: moment of truth?
  • 2007.03.14: "How many Jews did Mama kill?"
  • 2006.11.10: Iraqpundit: Speak Up Democrats!
  • 2006.09.28: Shocker: Pulling out of Iraq Won't Stop Jihadists!
  • 2006.09.25: Marching For A Caliphate
  • 2006.09.12: Thank You, Emilio Karim Dabul
  • 2006.09.12: Islamofascists Try to Take Over US Embassy in Syria
  • 2006.09.03: Militant Group to Kidnap more Non-Muslims
  • 2006.08.30: Finally: It's the War on Islamic Fascism
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