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Running List Of BlogSpot Defectors - History

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I started Wizbang at BlogSpot in April 2003. I quickly outgrew its limitation, which have been detailed in many other places. Steven Den Beste compares Blogger to MT and CityDesk here, and Jay Solo details some Blogger tips here.

Once I moved to my own site, I noticed that I was not alone, and that keeping up with all the changes was putting a strain on the whole community of bloggers. My belief was that a good case could be made that the defector rate was high. I have not been proven wrong! It's an impressive list.

The point here is to be able to present a case that the complete crap that the blogspot infrastructure has turned into has cost Google an enormous amount of goodwill. Some top tier blogs where hosted on their pro and free service until recently. They've pissed it away - maybe that's what happens when the company gets sold.

A a side benefit of the list is that you have a single place to look for move announcements. We don't always get them first, but we do eventually get them...

How You Can Help:

Please add movers to the comments section of the list (NOT THIS POST), and pass the permalink for the list (NOT THIS POST). Even better get the code to show the logo on your site on the Wizbang main page. Please host the graphic (and update code) at your site if at all possible. Thanks to Kate and Courtney for the code listing trick.

No moves prior to Feb 15, 2003 (the announcement date of the Google buyout) will be counted. As you are reading this we've pretty much captured all the high profile moves that occured before I first posted the list.

I will be scraping (and possibly deleting) comments in the list post as I add items found there into the list. If you don't want to leave a blog in the comments, I'll take it via e-mail and add it to the main list

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