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Tucker Carlson is a spudgun freak

In a Darwin Award worthy story of a boy, a frog, and a potato gun unfortunately the loser seems to have been the boy. Blinded by a frog shot out of a spudgun seems to me to be like amputating your hand with a butter knife...

Read all about it (halfway down the page) at SpudTech. Note: I guess your really can have the business of your dreams on the Internet. Imaging that guy's high school reunion - "Yeah I'm doing great I sell spudguns on the Internet".

Especially of note in the latest article on whether the "gun" misfired were comments by bowtie wearing CNN talking head Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson, commentator for CNN’s "Crossfire," agrees there could be no hang fire, but since there is no trigger guard, the button could accidentally be pressed without the person knowing it, he said. Last year he wrote an article for GQ magazine on potato guns.

Mr. Carlson has four children and several spud guns. He closely supervises their use, he said.

"I like them. They are fantastic toys, but dangerous toys," Mr. Carlson said. "They’re all capable of hurting you. I had a stockade fence in my back yard and in one afternoon, we disintegrated it."

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I love this Tucker Carlson ... (Below threshold)

I love this Tucker Carlson fellow..






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