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Stir Crazy

Help... I'm chained to my desk working on a large project report and its 11:00pm. I've been looking at the same paragraphs for so long in in that zone. You know the one where your can't see the forest for the trees. Arrgghh!!!

I just printed the bitch out so I could see it a different way. Same shit, new look. Also I noticed a disturbing trend in my writing: I'm putting HTML and ASP directives and comments in places in my Word document that I need to work on later. For some reason this scares me...

Here's my nugget for tech writers everywhere: Always start with a kick ass template, that way even if you print the report out after writing just a little bit; it still looks real nice. If you start with a great template when you have to send the file off to your boss well before you want to send it, they'll notice the pretty formatting not the lack of content. Don't say I never gave any good advice here.

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