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Blogspot Is Toast

I started a trend. Or maybe I just followed - who can keep track. All the cool bloggers are leaving Blogspot :-)

Remember the big hoopla the Blogger made about how the were adding servers and mirrors to handle the traffic for the Where's Raed site (never blogrolled here!). Maybe the Google folks decided they need to beta test a new searching service for EBay auctions...

Anyway the list as I know it of recent defectors:

The Volokh Conspiracy has moved to its own domain volokh.com.
Tim Blair has bolted to timblair.spleenville.com
Damian Penny's Damimnation! is off to damianpenny.com. You really must see his redirect page from the old blogspot site, it's quite good.

Next up: Jay Solo has been searching for hosting firms.

The really bad news for Blogger is that some of these blogs were paying customers (not me). If Google (The new owner of Blogger) is going to get some sort of street cred, they're going to have to recruit back some name bloggers. Marketing needs to get on the case. If MSNBC can snatch up some high profile blogs, Google can go after some big names... Start at the top of the Link Cosmos or Blogoshpere Ecosystem

Update: Tobacco Road Fogey is now amongst the ex-Blogspoters. His new home is tobaccoroadfogey.blog-city.com. He recomends blog-city.com for those not interesting in a full MT installation.

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