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From The Wizbang Archives: Case of another 'Laci' languishes in obscurity

At my old blogspot site I noted a San Francisco Chronicle had a story: Case of another 'Laci' languishes in obscurity. At the time, the Chronicle article got some press as an early preview of one of the avenues of a possible defense for Scott Peterson.

I'm not sure if they are mentioning her now, but they are talking about a devil worshiping serial killer theory now. The theory goes that there is a serial killer roaming the Bay Area decapitating pregnant women and dumping them in the bay. You will hear the name Evelyn Hernandez quite a bit in the coming month, most likely from Petersons defense attorney as a deflecting mechanism. There may or may not be other similar murders in the Bay Area, but expect the defense to put on a full court press that the Modesto police have failed to follow-up on this angle.

Update (Via Kate who wants someone to fry for this..): Tanya examines the Chandra Laci link here

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