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Tape Looped Around Peterson Baby's Neck

Evidence that the trial of Scott Peterson may not be the slam dunk everyone thinks is will be may have leaked out. MSNBC is just out with this report.

The body of the fetus found near its slain mother, Laci Peterson, on the shore of the San Francisco Bay had one and a half loops of plastic tape around its neck, according to a portion of the coroner’s report on the autopsy on the fetus obtained exclusively Thursday by NBC News. The finding could be used by the defense team for Scott Peterson, Laci’s husband, who is accused in her death, to bolster its theory that Laci and the fetus were killed in a satanic ritual.

MSNBC's Dan Abrams got the scoop. He is going to be the breakout reporter on this story. He always does an excellent job with the legal stories.

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