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GOP Candidate Forgets To Register As Delegate, Loses By One Vote

John Andrews is the reason I went to the convention, as our neighborhood knew him from a term on the school board where he really fought for our area. He signed me and others in my neighborhood up as delegates. There was one delegate form he forgot to fill out, his own. He paid a heavy price for that mistake today. From the Loudoun Times-Mirror article:

Nowhere was the heartbreak of losing more evident, however, than in the Potomac District race for the Board of Supervisors. John A. Andrews II lost to Bruce Tulloch by one vote after he failed to register as a delegate and was unable to vote for himself.

"This will be a story told for years," Andrews said to the delegates assembled in the gym at Heritage High School in Leesburg, where the county's Republican Committee held a rare convention-format candidate selection process that lasted for more than eight hours.

"I was so caught up with signing up delegates that I overlooked the fact that I didn't fill out my own form," Andrews said afterward.

My unofficial count was Tulloch - 87, Andrews - 86.

I've got more stories from the convention room floor, coming later tonight...

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