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Peterson's Paramour Ponders Playboy

Remember Wizbang, for reasons that even I'm not sure of, is all over the Peterson case.

Amber Frey who was portrayed as a "victim" when she admitted and affair with Scott Peterson. Word from Jaboobie is that she is considering a $500K offer from Playboy. I bet that prosecutors are going to go ballistic about that one. She could be a star witness, but if she is in negotiations, that fact alone may discount her testimony in the eyes of a jury. She's got Gloria Allred on her team as an advisor, so we should expect to see a lot more of her bad new dye job.

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I'd pay a sawbuck to see th... (Below threshold)

I'd pay a sawbuck to see that ho all dolled up in playboy. Playboy can make most any gal look pretty damn hot and Frey already has a pretty naughty look about her.






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