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Weekend Caption Contest Results

See the this Weekend's Caption Contest here

Contest Update: The benefit of leaving comments inline is that anyone passing by (and lately that is a fair number of folks) can see all of the captions. Benefit #2 is that people can keep adding captions as they see fit, but since the contest is OVER, I reserve the right to delete all additional captions, especially lame or troll like ones. To those thinking of joining this group of quality captions, as Jim Rome says, "have a take, and don't suck".

Winner: It's not about the winning or loosing, it's about good sportsmanship... Oops that's the canned speech for the peewee soccer team. Um, you all could have made it a little easier by being: less witty; not incorporating knowing or obscure references to GR history; not penning alternate lyrics to annoyingly catchy 80's tunes; not making "check out my package" references.

That said - I'll go with the Timbuk 3 reference from Robyn. I hold you personally responsible for the fact I cannot get that song out of my head. Honorable mention goes to all of the other entries - all worthy winners.

Our winner receives a lovely prize selected especially for her. Dinner at the Dulles, VA location of Red Robin, where she will be entertained by my twin 22 month old boys throwing their dinner on the floor. Estimated retail value: $15. Winner must provide their own transportation and pay all applicable state and federal taxes. Void where prohibited.

Oh yeah, I'm serious - if you show up in Northern Virginia, dinner is on me...

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