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Rage Against The Machine

TiVo, you bet I'm hooked. I came across this tidbit in Wired, Build Your Own TiVo. All 25 ubergeeks who want to build their own TiVo probably already have done so already. You don't want any part of it, trust me. TiVo's are great, but building your own is like building your own computer (in fact it is exactly like building your own computer since that is what a TiVo is), conceptual a good idea, but in practice a complete waste of your time and money. With the build it yourself TiVo, you only have to spend 4 times more than you would to buy one of the shelf, what a deal!

On the subject of TiVo's; I've complied a short list tips and traps for everyday use of a TiVo that have nothing to do with the technology.

A few cool TiVo tricks

Use it to put your father or father in-law into a trance. I swear it has hypnotic powers.

Use it to put your babysitter into a trance. I swear it has hypnotic powers.

Use it to put your kids into a trance. I swear it has hypnotic powers.

Downsides to owning a TiVo:

Your role as involuntary sales person for TiVo. Others will assume that you are poised at the ready to pitch the technical and operational details of the TiVo to them. Two years ago there may have been a call for this, but now they should leave you alone and go find their own information. If you own a TiVo, I recommend keep some product slicks lifted from Best Buy handy.

Babysitters and guest must be instructed on the use of TiVo. Some people freeze up when faced with new technology. Fortunately if your babysitter is a teenage girl, she'll catch on quick. Guests and relatives, on the other hand, are a problem. At our house we have a set of written directions stashed away for visitors. We drop them in their lap on our way out the door. Then you can happily say to the "RTFM".

People call you if they missed a favorite show to see if you've got is on Tivo. "Uh, sorry we already deleted that episode".
My kids are going to grow up thinking this is how everyone watches TV. There's no real problem with that, at least until they are old enough for a sleep over, and proceed to belittle the host for having to watch commercials.

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