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Blogspot Jihad: BlogSpot Users What Are You Waiting For?

A free no hassle move? Your prayers have been answered. Remember Crazy Eddie? The guy with prices so low it was "crazy"? Well Dean Esmay must be channeling that guy because he is offering a free move (migration of archives and blogrolls included) to a MovableType hosted site.

Let me say that again: FREE MOVE!!!!!!

Read the details of Dean generous offer here. You pay $15 for a domain name and $5 a month, that's it, no fine print or catches. In Dean's own words:

Just say, "Okay, Dean, I'm ready. I have a credit/debit card, I have $20 (domain name fee + first month hosting fee) handy, and can spend $5/month. Make my own domain and blog happen." And it will be so.

If you don't take the man up on this offer well.... I guess you deserve to stay at blogspot. Think about the $5 monthly cost. You could pay for a year of a top tier blogging experience for you and your readers by taking your spare change to the Coinstar machine. Check your pockets for a Lincoln that went through the wash, whatever it takes...

I've been tracking these moves here since May 26th, and we've found 37 38 moves since Google took over, most of them new since the 26th. I say "we" because it is a collective effort of a bunch of folks to get the word out, and get me the new addresses. Amish Tech Support just linked to the list today, and a bunch of folks are showing the anti-blogspot logo and have help publicize the list - thanks to you all.

If Dean succeeds that means more work for me. You know what, that's the kind I am happiest doing: Helping to publicize a bloggers move off of blogspot.

Long Live Blogspot Jihad!

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