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Satanic Rituals In A Brown Van?

KFMB San Diego is reporting:

Scott Peterson's defense team has been touting a mystery woman as a key to proving that he's innocent of killing his wife and son. So far the woman's identity is still unknown to the prosecution, but they are taking a closer look at defense claims that a satanic cult kidnapped and killed Laci. Who is this mystery woman with vital information on the Peterson case and what do we know about her? According to prosecutors, not much.

It appears the defense team may be keeping their star witness a good distance from the prosecution. Chief Deputy DA, John Gould says he’s asked repeatedly to meet with this woman, but the defense team has yet to bring her forward. According to the woman, the week before Laci disappeared, she was a victim of a satanic assault by a group driving around in a brown van.

Defense sources say they found duct tape, similar to the type found on Laci’s body and clothes when they washed ashore in the bay. They also noticed a satanic star that appeared to be etched on the van, possibly with a knife, and splashes of a substance they believe may be blood.

Prosecutors find the claims outrageous. They say there’s no evidence that the van or the group linked to the van have any involvement in Laci’s disappearance.

$10 bucks says the woman turns out to be a little "off", and in search of some media attention. It happens all the time in high profile cases. If you're the defense team for this guy, you've got your job cut out for you...

(Hat tip: Electric Venom):

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