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Silver Rights/Macaronies committing fraud in the New Blog Showcase?

In only the second week of existence is someone trying to swipe the New Blog Showcase title by inventing a controversy then submitting the wrapup post as their entry?

Well there is definitely something fishy going on, enough so that NZ Bear briefly posted this cryptic note on the site (since removed):

I need the authors of Silver Rights and Macaronies to contact me immediately via email regarding their contest entries.

FreeSpeech.com has a post on the matter here. Read the comment section...
Mind of Mog has some comments from the cheaters suspects participants in the comment section of this post.

Maybe this will spin out of control, maybe not, but it is hard to imagine that some sort of fraud like this would not occur eventually. It would be a shame for this project to get tarnished by scandal right out of the gate.

(Hat Tip) - Jay Solo's Verbosity (permalink to post not working).

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