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Weekend Wrapup

Items you may have missed that were posted this weekend, in no particular order.

  • Jim Treacher's shilling has got Lyz Baranowski in a tizzy over his capitalistic ways.

  • Bill Whittle re-releases the Directors Cut DVD Edition of his Magic essay. The commentary soundtrack is here.

  • Jaboobie takes a tiptoe through his blogroll (which includes Wizbang)... And finds some posts from the last week to visit.

  • Glenn Reynolds addresses the WMD debate

  • Steven Den Beste spends the weekend pondering the fate of the French Republic.

  • Dean is looking for poetry blogs.

  • Laurence Simon watched the Nightline edition on Friday (a behind the scenes at big media edition) and was less than impressed.

  • Courtney worries that the far left controlling the nomination process will doom the Democratic nominee.

  • Brian at AWS offers proof that Ben Kepple is insane.
  • The astutely observant Charles G. Hill likes my RSS idea.
  • Rachel Lucas wonders why you don't have to get a license to breed and raise human beings.

  • Kevin Drum wonders if Bush is really onboard with conservatism. Steven Taylor has an answer.

  • Jay Solo has a post on what he has learned about getting links from the Rat Race.

Yes, I'm going to do this every Sunday...

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