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Blogging Kevins

This idea was originally conceived by Kevin Drum at CalPundit. I thought it was a unique take on sliver of the blogosphere and asked him if he had any plans of rehashing it. He said he did not, but gave me his blessing to have a go at it. I've added a few more to the list...

So what's up in the world of blogging Kevins? Here's what:

This Kevin is taking a well earned vacation.
This Kevin is asking himself the ultimate question: why do I blog? This time he has an answer.
This Kevin is discussing his one year blogging anniversary.
This Kevin just got his braces off.
This Kevin has gathered some social software reading links.
This Kevin just graduated high school.
This Kevin still is not allowed to blog by his employer (CNN).
This Kevin is about to start a Lotus Notes migration.
This Kevin is going to OSCON 2003, July 7-11 in Portland, Oregon.
This Kevin has a story about control of the Iraqi Tuwaitha nuclear facility.
This Kevin notes that the entire young adult population of Ireland has descended on Berkeley.
This Kevin still writes in squiggles, so who knows? Something to do with computers, though.
This Kevin is trying to organize the "lefties" in his sidebar. (Good luck!)
This Kevin has moved off BlogSpot and has the story of a kid being sued by the RIAA for his life savings
This Kevin has a post on men, women and relationships.
This Kevin says, "Get a good job with pay and you're OK".
This Kevin is reviewing Mark Poster's "What's the Matter with the Internet?".
This Kevin laments the approaching passing of the Miller Lite Catfight commercials.
This Kevin has a published a cartoon on the Santorum comments on sodomy laws.
This Kevin is celebrating his First Annual 29th Birthday.
This Kevin almost ran over a girl the other day.
This Kevin published some photos of the San Jose Mission in Texas.
This Kevin rails against silly conference reporting restrictions.
This Kevin wrote this list.

In the words of Kevin Drum: We Kevins are an eclectic bunch of bloggers, no?


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