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BlogSpot Defector List Update

We're looking for the 50th entry, which should turn up today. We now have 50 BlogSpot defectors listed and that number is growing daily. Many thanks to those who are hosting the link (shown below), and those who are publicize it. Special thanks to Jay and James for pointing out movers.

Running List Of Blogspot Defectors

As an added feature for list users, I've added a Blogroll It! link right after each site. Now you can stop by the list and update your blogroll with one click. Hopefully this will be useful for some of you. If you are moving or planning on moving off BlogSpot, feel free to contact me the day before your move, and I'll get you on the list ASAP.

Update: The 50th entry in the list is - IsraPundit - Blogroll It!

Update 2: More than one person has asked, "How do I delete the blog at BlogSpot?" Here's the best answer I could find.

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