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Survivor's Jenna and Heidi Pose For Playboy

E! Online is reporting that last seasons winner Jenna, along with her pal Heidi (she of the hideously fake boobs) will be hitting the newsstands in the August issue of Playboy. Since I don't read the magazine (there was one point three years ago that I did - a whole other story I will tell soon...) I have no idea when the issue actually hits the news stands. Expect the pictures to flood the Usenet any day now.

An vital detail was left out of the E! report. Since both women appear in the August issue, the question of whether they are in the same pictorial and/or are expressing "friendship" remains a mystery. They clearly were pals on the show, and I do recall Heidi or Jenna mussing to Rob as to the benefits of a three-way.

Heidi looked like walking death at the end of the game. Pretty much her entire body mass had withered away (except for the silicone). Jenna did not look quite as unhealthy as Heidi. Jenna was the million dollar winner on this years Survivor: Amazon.

The Playboy pictorial was conducted with the permission of Survivor creator Mark Burnett, who has veto power over all contestants media appearances for up to a year after the show airs. Obviously he knows that the celebrity half life of these folks is on the order of a few months. Anyone remember Amber? See I told you...

(Hat tip: LA Examiner)

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