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Trackbacks and Brickbats

I'd love to send you Trackbacks, really, I just can't. MT just doesn't seem to work with any other software in implementing it's own autodiscovery mechanism.

Daring Fireball has an excellent recap of the case against Trackbacks here. While I'm not anti-trackback, I am pro-autodiscovery. Basically, auto detection of TB URLs doesn't work too well for anyone...

If someone could point to an HTML form that involves no CGI for POST'ing a trackback ping I'd love to find it. The spec for trackback indicates you can manually send a ping, and I have successfully done this once or twice, but none of the name, URL, extract fields show any data on the pinged system.

My point is, I'd love to trackback ping you, but I just don't have the time to figure out how to manually make it work... Maybe if the feature is added to w.bloggar someday, I will be able to do it... As of now, direct links are all I have to offer...

Update: Of course by saying I wasn't going to do this, I off course went off and tried to write an ASP page to manually ping Trackbacks... I don't know thing one about PHP, and everything here is in ASP. I've had some limmitted success. You may now see pings from me with a Title only... Anyone who wants or needs the ASP code drop me a line...

Update 2: I have prevailed. I am now the proud author of a standalone ASP page that allows me to send real nice looking pings to whomever I want. Anyone who wants the code, contact me. I RULE THE WORLD! OK, that may be a little much, but I am happy I can play all the little reindeer games now...

Geek session really over now...

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