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Wizbang Stand Alone Trackback Pinger

I have finally created a stand alone trackback pinger. Why, you may wonder, is this of any interest? Well there is the small matter of all the other bloggers out there who do not use Moveable Type blogs. Bloggger users would benefit from such a tool. Also my own server software (BlogWorks XML) only supports creating the ping in the web interface at the time the post is first created. I personally use w.bloggar to do my posting, and I usually want to do a trackback ping after I have already published a post. In the course of writing my own pinger, I realized that the sender of the ping could be anyone, they don't need trackback capability on their blog to send pings.

Non MT users (and MT users) will now be able to easily send a trackback ping by cutting and pasting just a few fields... All I ask is that if you find the tool useful, blogroll Wizbang and tell a few friends. From the what are the odds file... Adam Kalsey has put out a trackback pinger today as well. Neither of us were aware of the others development. The more the merrier.

Pete's Weblog has a brief explanation of why you might want to send trackbacks... Movable Type has a guide for beginners that may be of some help. If you're not using MT ignore the directions on how to use the bookmarklet and MT tools. Focus on the history and how to find the trackback URL. That's what you need to cut and paste into the pinger.

Thanks to Amish Tech Support and Outside the Beltway for allowing me to pound their blogs in testing. :-)

Here is the link to the form (It is also listed on the main page under the Projects section):

Wizbang Stand Alone Trackback Pinger

I've added a bookmarklet you can use with the form. Drag the link below to your browsers toolbar (say yes to any security warnings):

Wizbang Trackback

Detailed bookmarklet installation and usage Instructions are here.

Please leave feedback or questions here in the comment section or you can E-mail me...


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