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And I Can't Get DSL...

More signs life isn't fair... This tidbit in the Washington Post business section today about RV parks are getting WiFi. I'm all for bringing access to the hinterlands, but RV parks? How about finishing the rollout to residential areas. Here's one person who will be happy about this news.

I am stuck with a one way cable modem. I live about 1/2 mile from the heart of the Internet, the DNS A root server, yet the only high speed option is a one way cable modem from the cable company lead by criminals (Adelphia). A one way cable modem is high speed download, 33.6 modem connection upload. Better that dialup only, but pricey considering the slow upload speeds.

Verizon was nice enough to wire our planned community with high tech fiber optic cable a few years before DSL came about, yet DSL it turns out only works over "legacy" copper cable plants. Wiring communities with fiber is now off the drawing boards since no one ever perfected a delivery system for the "last mile", which I assume is copper.

Memo to the telco's - You days are numbered... I'll drop you like a bad habit the day I get a choice... I've seen plenty of large companies rolling out Cisco IP phones, and I'm sure the day will come when it will be an option in residential areas... I'll be the first to sign up...

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