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What The O'Reily Story Is All About

Why is Bill O'Reily whining like a little wuss?

Because he is failing on radio...

That's it, end of story.

The whole child molester/NAMBLA/Internet Out Of Control angle is a ruse. It deflects the attention from the original story, namely that stations are dropping his radio show. What he is really pissed about is media outlets taking obvious pleasure in his ass whooping being administered by just about every other radio show on the dial. Within a year the whole Radio Factor show will pull up stakes as he claims his TV commitments are too demanding to do keep up on the radio show. He will spin the hell out of it, but the facts will be obvious - he couldn't compete with the other radio conservatives.

For O'Reily, the problem with the Internet is that Rupert Murdoch does not own it (yet). If Murdoch controlled the Internet you would probably be reading gushing reviews of the O'Reily Radio Factor, and your local talk radio station would be slavishly buying the syndicated show from Westwood One. Fortunately for program directors nationwide the truth is out there, the Radio Factor is a looser.

So while everyone else may be in a lather about his blow hard comments, take them for what they are... the dying sounds of a wannabe "Rush" being slowly shown the door on your AM and FM dial.

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What is the truth to the al... (Below threshold)

What is the truth to the allegations circulating DC that in 1992 Karl Rove was accused of molesting two children?






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