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State Official Says - Your Children Are Ours, We Will Do With Them As We See Fit

Melissa Beecher of the Daily News Transcript has the story of two Waltham, MA homeschooled kids who refused to take a standardized test. The bizarre part of the story is that the state took legal custody (not physical custody) of the children in 2001 to enforce its will on them, but that hasn't changed the situation - it has only inflamed it.

The two home-schooled children refused to take a standardized test ordered by DSS, despite threats to place them in a foster home.

Even as DSS has threatened to take their children, the Bryants have contended the city and state do not have the legal right to force their children to take standardized tests.

"Private school students do not take standardized tests. Why should our children be subjected to this, against their will?" asked George Bryant. "Show me the law that says our children need to take these tests, and they will comply."

In what may be later recorded as one of the most chillingly stupid statements of the year by an elected official, DSS supervisor Susan Etscovitz said, "We (DSS) have legal custody of the children and we will do with them as we see fit." The full story on the exploding scope of the case is covered here.

EducationalFreedom.com has a wrap up of the various media links in the case history here.

Looking for a can't miss business idea? Create a private school that caters to the homeschooled. Collect some level of tuition and do the monitoring yourself. Apparently if you're in a private school you don't need to take all of the public school system mandated standardized tests. You probably wouldn't screw things up any worse than this state agency did...

Hat Tip: Natalie Solent

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