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Who Wants A Blog?

MediaReview is another blog I started a while back. The original concept was to keep tabs on journalists and media companies with a mix of hard news and humor. I've been putting a lot of time into Wizbang, and have not had as much time as I would like to build the MediaReview site to its full potential.

I saw that Dean Esmay got a submissions editor for Dean's World, and thought that sounded like a possibility for MediaReview. Upon further reflection, I decided that this may not be the best route for MediaReview. A blog needs a voice, and as I previously mentioned I'm too busy to provide much more that an occasional peep.

Here is my offer:

You take over day to day operations of MediaReview.
I will provide you with site maintenance (if you need it).
I will provide some level of initial support.
I will provide material to you (when possible).
You are free to change everything and anything about the site.
You can blog by name or anonymously.
You'll get one or two free E-mail accounts to use with the site.

Cost to you: Nothing but your investment of time.

General Requirements

1) You need to have an interest in covering the media.
2) Some knowledge of a tool like w.bloggar would be helpful, but not required.
3) A willingness to grow the site.
4) You will need to create a new blogroll for the site (it's using mine right now).

If you are interested in taking over MediaReview please contact me via E-mail. Any information you can provide (vision, qualifications, ideas, plans, etc.) that might cause me to select you is highly encouraged. I hope to have the decision made next week, and the transition complete by the end of the month.

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