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Good Morning Blogosphere (Blog Author's Tour) - Submissions For Episode 3 Open

In what has become (for now) a biweekly contest I am promoting one exceptional blog post by doing a Today Show style interview with the author (to be posted here with links to your site and post). You get a chance to promote your work, site, and post. Interviews will be conducted via IM or E-mail. The interview and links will be posted here on Wednesday night or Thursday morning. See Episode #1's interview with Claire and Episode #2's interview with Steven for an idea of what it is all about.

How To Participate
There are two ways to be considered for the interview. 1) Put the link in the URL box on the comment screen (don't put it in the comment section since my comments won't format it as a hyperlink), and give a summary in the comment. The benefit of this approach is that other readers may click on your name and be taken to the post, whether or not I choose you for the interview. 2) You can send me an E-mail with a link to the article and a summary, but you will not get any free publicity this way.

1) I'll only consider entries receive via comment to this post (or via E-mail) Tuesday 8PM EST.
2) I need some way to contact you, so your E-mail address better be listed on your web site, or send it to me separately.
3) Send the "A" list stuff, don't bother submitting a story about the color of your boogers furball your cat barfed up a dog bathing story (unless it's a really good story).
4) Authors previously interviewed are not eligible for the following contest. After episode off, you can get back in the hunt.

I will read all of the submitted posts, and pick one for to be my interview subject. To keep my options open in case of schedule conflict I will not pre-announce the winner. Site readers are advised to visit the links in the comments to read quality bloggingl!!

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