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MediaReview Update

In reference to this post, I am happy to announce that Bryan at Arguing with signposts. is taking over MediaReview. He has the chops to handle the job, but I'll let him tell you all about that when he takes over. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest.

I will continue to participate in MediaReview, but now as a contributor rather than the primary author. Bryan will set the tone and direction of the site, he's got some great ideas and I look forward to helping him out in any way I can.

Stop by Arguing with signposts... and wish Bryan luck! All I can say is Romenesko watch out!

I the interim, I will continue to post to the MediaReview site. We will be busy making backend and design changes and will be having a launch for the new MT powered MediaReview site on Monday July 7th. Both of our blogs and the MediaReview site will have info on the changes...

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