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Joblessness In The Blogosphere

Joblessness is always in abundance in the blogosphere. Many of your favorite bloggers are unemployed, under-employed, or college professors. Perhaps this comes with the territory. In the last day or two I've noticed the layoff trend spreading to spouses of bloggers, which is an unfortunate trend. While everything may seem gloomy, I'm pretty sure this is just coincidental not indicative of a larger trend.

I still remember the carnage in the tech industry of the last few years, since I had to bite my nails through layoffs and forced leave the whole time. The good news is that tech hiring is actually starting to rebound. The bad news is the salary inflation we all loved is a thing of the past. Laurence at Amish Tech Support is joining the ranks of employed bloggers, welcome to the club!

One last bit on another recent employment issue:

I regards to the firing of Veronica (aka Moxie Pop) some people are now encouraging others to risk their own jobs to help find the mystery troll who may have been involved in her termination. Veronica was let go for misuse of company resources (computing resources) - basically personal use of the computer system. For bloggers this is an occupational hazard. The anonymous fax may or may not have been responsible for bringing this to her employer's attention, but since Veronica never saw the fax we will never know.

Why on earth would people who take issue with the "ratting" out of Veronica to her employer (and I include myself amongst that group) now urge others to take actions that could land them in the exact same spot as Veronica; out of work.


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I'm curious as to how many ... (Below threshold)

I'm curious as to how many stories are out there like Veronica's. I have heard of one in which a co-worker ratted on someone for blogging during work hours.

There are lots of tech jobs... (Below threshold)

There are lots of tech jobs here in Southern California, if you have security clearance.






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