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No Blogging Holiday Here - It's "Pundit Free Week" at Wizbang

InstaPundit and DailyPundit have both announced vacations through the holiday, all the other pundits are likely to blindly follow suit. In recognition of this historic occasion the week around the July 4th holiday season is hereby declared Pundit Free Week at Wizbang. No links to any site that has Pundit in its name will be forthcoming until July 5th. I urge the rest of the blogosphere to follow suit! We'll show those pundits who's the boss!

And what about Wizbang? Well given that we can barely get a babysitter so we can go on a "date night", there will be no let up in blogging at Wizbang! I fact Wizbang will be moving into shinny new digs with all the modern conveniences. Running water and indoor plumbing make for better blogging.

In the absence of Pundits I reserve the right to go all pundity - I probably won't but you never know.

One thing that is for sure - if you hit the tip jar I will dance like a monkey for you. Oops, my bad, I don't have a tip jar. I really need to get with the program on the tip jar. I hear you can make $80,000 if you have a tip jar, sounds good to me :-)

Update: Jessica has new pictures from the InstaPundit vacation here. A must visit!

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Since you won't be linking ... (Below threshold)

Since you won't be linking to the *pundit weblogs that means you have more time to link to me. ;-)

That's true! You're not go... (Below threshold)

That's true! You're not going anywhere, right?






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