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Fun With Server Logs (Plus Bonus Playboy Picture)

In preparing my fun with server logs bit, I remembered that Jenna and Heidi were high on the list of search terms for Wizbang. I also remembered that little tidbit about a Playboy photo spread. Never one to leave readers hanging, I wanted to prove that I was right about the Playboy pictorial story. Actually a more accurate explanation is that I was looking for a cheap stunt to attract a ton of visitors.

This is only a taste what you will find in the current August issue of Playboy. Since I don't actually buy or read Playboy I am assuming this is from the current issue. I imagine that one look at the cover will let you know if you've got the right issue.

Survivor winner Jenna Morasca is shown getting chummy with her buddy from the show Heidi Strobel. Both ladies banked a lot of money for their relatively tame shoot. You are on your own if you are looking for the more explicit shots. Click on the picture for a larger version.

Survivor Babes In Playboy #2

Survivor Babes In Playboy

Now for Fun With Server Logs:

I'm happy to report that I've finally beat out all other terms. Without further ado here is the fresh list (in order of rank) of search terms that lead the unsuspecting to Wizbang:

asian massage parlor
amber frey pic
evelyn hernandez autopsy
heidi survivor playboy pictures
lyz baranowski
atkins studies
arguement in vitro fertilization
moxie moxiepop
eric rudolph sympathy
laci peterson autopsy
playboy jenna and heidi
np moxie.nu
"survivor playboy"
amber frey to pose for playboy
heidi jenna in playboy magazine

You all are a bunch of sick puppies :-)

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