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Dinner For Five

Jon Favreau has a show on IFC called "Dinner For Five" that brings together an intimate gathering of guests for an evening of food and banter. The show format is a spontaneous, open forum for people in the entertainment community to let their hair down, chat about life on and off the set and swap stories about projects past and present. It's a fun show to watch and I highly recommend setting your TiVo to tape it… You have finally broken down and got a TiVo, right?

There are usually some juicy tidbits and insider stories, as the tape rolls while the liquor flows. The episode showing now featuring Marilyn Manson, Daryl Hannah, and Andy Dick was full of strange little bits on information. Andy Dick recommends the book Writing On Drugs - something he clearly has experience with; Daryl Hannah tells us that she invented look for her character in Blade Runner; and in the course on talking about Daryl's "Dancing at the Blue Iguana" movie (where she plays a stripper), Manson mentions his favorite strip club in the world is the Acropolis Steakhouse in Portland, OR.

He described a surreal scene where the ladies are dancing in the equivalent of cattle pens while the patrons are eating steak dinners. He also mentioned something about coin operated feed troughs. I did little searching and stumbled onto this page where the club gets a thumbs up from girls who probably work in the industry:

What's the best Strip Club in Portland?***

*** Note that a famous Pundit mug shot also appears when you visit. I though he was on vacation? It must have been an elaborate ruse.

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That's a great show and the... (Below threshold)

That's a great show and the one you mention is an older repeat.

holly friggin' crap...John ... (Below threshold)

holly friggin' crap...John Favreau rocks!!! I'm not gay, but i'm thinkin' about fuckin' him. This show is pretty amazing...what a vision...

Hey John...MAKE MORE FILMS!!!!






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