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U.N. Silliness

Browsing the news this morning I saw this article: U.S. Resists Pressure to Intervene in Liberia. Ordinarily this would not rate high on my list of potential posts, but there was one line that stuck in my head:

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan kept up the pressure on the United States on Monday to lead an intervention in Liberia as troops strengthened defenses around battle-worn Monrovia in fear of another rebel attack.
Excuse me?
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said the United States was "looking at a range of options" in Liberia. Asked about U.S. participation in a multinational force, Rumsfeld he told a Pentagon briefing: "That's a call the president (George W. Bush) would make, if and when he decided to make such a call. And he has not."
Let me get this straight, the UN is now pressuring us to do what they spent 6 months trying to keep us from doing in Iraq?

Kofi is a wanker.

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If we want to do it,... (Below threshold)

If we want to do it, it must be bad. If they want us to do it, it must be good. There are no other options in their world, no other ways to look at the situation, no other considerations.

That said, I do sort of hope we help out in Liberia. I think we have some obligations there, but that's a much longer post.

I guess the UN isn't gettin... (Below threshold)

I guess the UN isn't getting a cut on Liberia's gold exports like they were on Iraq's oil. Otherwise, the situations are similar - bloodthirsty dictators slaughtering civilians at home and causing problems with neighbors. Also sounds like North Korea - I wonder what Secretary Annan's position is there.

The biggest problem with the deposing dictators business is prioritizing.






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