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Puppetry Of The Penis Has A Competitor

Ballsy Man Testing Acting Boundaries

The man, who calls himself "Sackie Gleason," runs a website, testicletheater.com (Warning: may not be work safe) where he puts his testes to the test by dressing them up in costumes and making them act out scenes from "Macbeth, Enter The Dragon" and "Thelma And Louise."

Sure, it's nutty but Gleason sincerely believes his "multi-talented testicles" expose the works of Stanley Kubrick, John Cassavettes and Sam Peckinpah to a new audience.

I'm speechless...

Comments (5)

Sorry...  I just don't ... (Below threshold)

Sorry...  I just don't have any interest in watching some dude play with his nuts.  LOL

"Sackie Gleason"?D... (Below threshold)

"Sackie Gleason"?

Damn. That takes, ahem, balls.

> Puppetry Of The Penis Has... (Below threshold)

> Puppetry Of The Penis Has A Competitor

Thank goodness. We wouldn't want a monopoly in this vital sector of the economy.

Let me know if any boobie-r... (Below threshold)

Let me know if any boobie-related puppet shows turn up.

Amazing what people can do ... (Below threshold)

Amazing what people can do in their spare time. Give him credit for finding another way to use his nuts.






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