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What's Up In Bayeux

the dissident frogman is trying to reign in the story about Bayeux...

Get back to the source, read my article again and extract its basic meaning:
- I went to Bayeux and visited the Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy.
- I noticed three - and only three - troubling omissions.
- I have no information on the reasons why their was obviously something missing.

The most important issue that was consistently misunderstood is that the Memorial Museum is... A museum. It is not a war cemetery; it is not a memorial to the fallen soldiers or any other official burial or monument.

When I write "there's a troubling omission on this empty pole" it does not mean "the US flag has been removed".

Equally, when I write "Now there's another troubling omission here and another one there. Must be coincidental" it does not mean "the French decided to remove all American symbols from the museum".

And when I write "I don't know why something's missing, maybe the Mayor's office or the Museum's staff could tell", all it means is "Hey that's three - and only three - troubling coincidences, let's find out".

So maybe he's right, but how he could not have imagined the spin his orginial story would get is beyond me. Like Eugene Volokh's reader Nicolas Bray, I just don't sense a massive French conspiracy here. Certainly it would help all of us to have a complete set of facts before taking an opinion.

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