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Bonfire Of The Vanities

Carnival of the Vanities is an excellent way of promoting your best posts. What are you supposed to do with your drivel? I am taking entries for the Bonfire of the Vanities a showcase of the worst posts from otherwise excellent bloggers. E-Mail me a link to your worst post of the week (since this is the first installment feel free to go back into your archives a bit) and include any extenuating circumstance, humorous commentary, or self serving excuse for your pathetic post. Deadline for submission is midnight EST Saturday Sunday. The listing will appear sometime Sunday Monday.

Yes I will be including a putrid post of my own on the list...

Who says bloggers are self absorbed? Prove them wrong by mocking yourself!


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You can use my entire blog<... (Below threshold)

You can use my entire blog
if ya want to. It's a
month old and, it's over.
Feel free....






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