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More Spam Coming Soon?

Fuckwads!!! They're coming onto my turf this time though, they will be sorry.

Companies to use junk mail, e-mail due to do-not-call list.

The Wall Street Journal said Wednesday that companies such as AT&T and Allstate Insurance are looking to shift some of their sales efforts away from the phone solicitations that have been central to their business plans in the past. "We plan to shift into other communication mediums, and rely more heavily on traditional TV advertising and e-mail marketing," Allstate acting Chief Marketing Officer Todd DeYoung told the paper. "We also plan to stimulate inbound call volume by doing more directed advertising and more direct mail."

But the companies won't drop their phone banks altogether. They believe that those who do not sign up for the do-not-call list will be more open to telephone pitches and that could help their phone solicitation efforts.

Comments (2)

So now is AT&T going to be ... (Below threshold)

So now is AT&T going to be harrassing me about my penis size too?

I wouldn't know how much ph... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't know how much phone solicitations I get cause I like my sleep and unless I am expecting a call, I leave the ringer off. I get a ton of junk mail and a ton of spam email as it is. Suppose it's time to update my email client or remind Apple that they are slipping on their spam filtering at .mac. Weon't stop the bigger penis spam, still get that even thou I'm female.






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