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Vmyths Finished?

Wired is reporting that Vmyths.com may soon be out of business. This would be a real shame. Please visit Vmyths.com and contribute a few bucks. Here's a quote from the Wired article:

Vmyths, focuses on debunking marketing-promoted rumors and media-fueled myths about computer viruses, cyberterrorism and computer security.

But barring a miracle of the financial sort, Vmyths, which draws thousands of visitors a day, may soon be all but dead.

It will remain online, but won't be updated after Vmyths' founder and prime contributor Rob Rosenberger heads off to serve a military stint in the Persian Gulf in mid-July.

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This is a great service. I ... (Below threshold)

This is a great service. I think they need to work on advertising for there are many people out there that pass along bogus emails not knowing that they can check the validity of their passings.






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