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Blogging Kevins (July 2003)

So what's up in the world of blogging Kevins? Here's what:

This Kevin is covering the gay marriage issue.
This Kevin hosted a Blogs and the Media Symposium, Round Two.
This Kevin uses his toothache as a launching point to discuss private vs. public insurance.
This Kevin didn't like the new Tom Greene show, and is going to Gnomedex.
This Kevin doesn't believe that MP3 downloading is affecting music industry sales.
This Kevin just registered with the Selective Service.
This Kevin still is not allowed to blog by his employer (CNN).
This Kevin finished his Lotus Notes migration.
This Kevin is going to OSCON 2003, July 7-11 in Portland, Oregon, but hasn't posted a new entry since June 9th. Send out the search party...
This Kevin picks 1000 Mother Theresas over a 1000 Jack Welches. It's an interesting choice to try to make.
This Kevin won two awards for Column writing. He is available for hire...
This Kevin still writes in squiggles, but he's got some English story titles now. This story is about the replacement for the FAT and NTFS file systems: WinFS.
This Kevin is ending his blogging career on hitaus in July (except for Sunday's).
This Kevin has a guest post up on the Reverse Cowgirl Site, and as added a cool legal sidebar with it's own RSS feed to his site.
This Kevin is saying Happy Birthday to another Kevin.
This Kevin is mocking his former employer (The BC Reporter) by casting the various players with Hollywood actors.
This Kevin worked waiting tables at his school's reunion weekend. He says drunk people are funny.
This Kevin reviews David Byrne's True Stories.
This Kevin is triple cursed as to being the victim of people who have no manners. He's also contributing blogging knowledge to the ScriptyGoddess site.
This Kevin has a new cartoon every week at his site.
This Kevin finished the Harry Potter book, and liked it.
This Kevin utters the his now famous words: "Die, Stupid Worthless Internet, Die." over the latest blogger battle. He's temporarily laid-up with back problems.
This Kevin used the holiday to launch is redesigned site. I looks great. He also can't wait until football season arrives - I'm with him there!
This Kevin bloging from a UMEC has a got his mug on the History Channel program Mail Call, starting R. Lee Ermey, the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket
This Kevin is going to Supernova this week.
This Kevin shows up mysteriously in other sites Recipirolls (including mine) without linking to them, odd.
This Kevin wonders what may have become of his first child, given up for adoption 20 years ago.
This Kevin (me) relaunched his old site as a technical blog project site.
This Kevin (me again) wrote this list.

In the words of Kevin Drum: We Kevins are an eclectic bunch of bloggers, no?


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Comments (8)

Ever watch kids in the hall... (Below threshold)

Ever watch kids in the hall?

"These are the Kevins I know, I know. These are the Kevins I know!"

Sorry, just made me think of that skit.


Here's <a href="http://www.... (Below threshold)

Here's another Kevin for you.

This Kevin is not quitting ... (Below threshold)

This Kevin is not quitting blogging. I is on semi-hiatus, posting a slew of stuff every Sunday, through July.

Why should I quit when we are on the verge of seeing the word 'blogging' replaced by the word 'kevining'?

[email protected]

If this is going to be recu... (Below threshold)

If this is going to be recurring (please! please!), is there any chance there will be a "Kevin" category?

The catagory "Kevin's" is n... (Below threshold)

The catagory "Kevin's" is now available here at Wizbang. All future and past "Blogging Kevins" reports will be in that catagory. I'll try to remember to assign that catagory as well when I'm linking to another Kevin's site...

If this Kevin finds his chi... (Below threshold)

If this Kevin finds his child, he'll be sure to let Kevins all over the world know. Thankfully we have someone to keep tabs on the Kevins of the world. :)

That was truly enjoyable. ... (Below threshold)

That was truly enjoyable. I wish my name was Kevin.

Yet another Kevin, albeit w... (Below threshold)

Yet another Kevin, albeit with a pseudonym.






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