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Blogging Tools

I've been a big supporter of w.bloggar, but for Movable Type (MT) specific posting Bill Zeller and Adam Kalsey's new Zempt tool is now really the best choice. I know Kate just discovered w.bloggar, but I think after she tries Zempt she will make the switch. If you are not blogging to a MT system, w.bloggar is still the best tool for the job.

Zempt implements all of the posting features available from the MT web interface in an offline posting application, where w.bloggar supports only a subset of MT features.

This is not a knock on w.bloggar, since it works with just about any blogging system available, just a difference in design philosophies: Zempt is MT specific; w.bloggar is multi purpose. w.bloggar supports many different blog types by implementing the major API's (Blogger, metaWeblog , Movable Type, etc), but does not implement some of the features available in the various systems - usually because they are not part of the API.


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Zempt doesn't like my weblo... (Below threshold)

Zempt doesn't like my weblog. I tried posting and it gives me some error about some problem with my template. I tried saving the post as a draft an it vanished into Never-never Land. Great piece of software. Let me know when it works.






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