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Bonfire Of The Vanities - Week 1

Well apparently bloggers are self absorbed since only a choice few could bring themselves to enter their worst posts. The brave bloggers who submitted their worst posts of the week receive, as a bonus, a Leonard Pinth-Garnell (the Dan Ackroyd SNL character from Bad Cinema) quote:

This weeks entries:

Norbizness checks in with The Pantload Variations, a post that is only funny to people who love the word pantload, which means him and the two guys he knows who came up with the list. Leonard Pinth-Garnell says, "Bravo! Monumentally ill-advised!"

Sean (oops!) Seth at The American Mind offers up his lame post on Hooters Air. Especially lame was the fact the he included no gratuitous hooters graphics. Leonard Pinth-Garnell says, "Exquisitely Awful!"

Stevie_rave_on (Daun) submits her entire Zanga site. I found this post on BeeGee lyrics transcribing to be in the spirit of the contest. By the way Daun's new site is here. Leonard Pinth-Garnell says, "Simply Atrocious!"

As for Wizbang, clearly the choice must be my post about the Testicle Theater site, since it made Meryl Yourish and Andrea Harris both take note of the fact the Internet is home to some freaky shit. Leonard Pinth-Garnell says, "Bad, Truly Bad!"

Get your entries for next weeks edition to me via e-mail by midnight Sunday July 13th.


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Comments (9)

Oh, damnit, I forgot.... (Below threshold)

Oh, damnit, I forgot.

Resurrectionsong will be playing next week...

I'd play, but I'd have to s... (Below threshold)

I'd play, but I'd have to submit my whole dang blog!

Kevin, This Fine Jay will s... (Below threshold)

Kevin, This Fine Jay will submit the least fine of his entries next week.

I would just offer up the d... (Below threshold)

I would just offer up the days I don't post anything, but that's probably my "best of."

Hmmm, let me try and get something truly horrible together for next week, it shouldn't be too hard.

Oh Lord....:-) That was re... (Below threshold)

Oh Lord....:-) That was reeaallly bad, huh?
Hey, if comments count, read them. I'm the only one who ever left any there. (Other people Emailed instead.) It was interesting seeing Xanga from that page.

Thanks for the link to the new place. Believe it or not and in spite of what I've heard, coming from Xanga makes Blogspot a step UP. Now, if I could only get the (Klinkfamily) comments up....sigh. Speaking of which, you may find more good entries there. It's only one long page so far of my trying to get comments going. Pretty banal stuff. So far, that is.

Back to the template.
If I'm not back in a day or two, SEND HELP!

Who's this Seth guy and how... (Below threshold)

Who's this Seth guy and how did he steal my weblog? Bastard!

Anonymity to protect the gu... (Below threshold)

Anonymity to protect the guilty :-)

Shit, sorry - I must have been daydreaming... It's fixed now...

I'm obviously a pogue. I f... (Below threshold)

I'm obviously a pogue. I forgot all about it. Do you have an email list that you can send reminders to? The other Vanities sends that out. I'm in for next week, fo shizzle muh nizzle.

I just couldn't bring mysel... (Below threshold)

I just couldn't bring myself to do that to you.






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