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New TTLB Traffic Rankings

NZ Bear proves his genius yet again... Spurred to action by Steven's look at Ecosystem visits per day, TTLB now offers: Weblogs By Average Daily Traffic. Read NZ Bear's background on the project here.

Wizbang ranks #89.

Update: Over at OTB, James wonders about self visits in the new rankings. Iíve played around a bit with the Site Meter stats, and they are pretty good about distinguishing visits. If you sit at your office desk all day and view your page often you do not get more than a couple visits counted for the day. Site Meter defines a visit as a series of page views by one person with no more than 30 minutes in between page views. Site Meter recognizes that you are visiting from the same IP address. Viewing your page throughout the day may actually lower you number of visits than if you check in just a few times.

I find the traffic statistics more interesting than the ecosystem ratings. Ecosystem ratings are heavily weighted towards blogroll links, and while there may be a correlation with blogroll links and traffic, plain old traffic rankings seem like the most relevant statistic in terms of popularity. From a marketing perspective that is certainly what an advertiser would be looking at...

Update 2: James responds to my traffic vs. links assesment. He makes a good point. Perhaps we are triangulating towards a formula like Bill Jamesí Win Shares formula for baseball statistics (Blog Shares?). Iíve seen traffic and link ratings combined before into power rankings (I forget where) but I'm not sure that would be any more valuable than what we have now.


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Heh. Indeed. Even the SAB... (Below threshold)

Heh. Indeed. Even the SABR guys who are the baseball stats geeks have disagreements over this stuff. Indeed, Chris Kahrl, the managing editor of Baseball Prospectus is a colleague of mine and they have all sorts of problems with the Bill James stats.

Wow, and here I thought the... (Below threshold)

Wow, and here I thought the only thing that mattered was how many clinks you heard go into the tip jar. ;)

I disable my IP from the si... (Below threshold)

I disable my IP from the sitemeter statistics. There's an option for it.

This is so cool!... (Below threshold)

This is so cool!






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