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Savage-ly Pranked

Via MediaReview

The firing of Michael Savage at MSNBC, has gotten a lot of coverage this afternoon, but one item overlooked is the buildup to his outburst. As any listener of Howard Stern, or in this case Don and Mike, can tell you there are a group of phone trolls who do nothing but try to get on live TV or radio shows and drop the name of a competing show.

Don and Mike are a nationally syndicated program from Infinity Radio (part of Viacom) the same folks who run the Howard Stern, Don Imus, and Bill O'Reily radio shows as well as a host of others.

So this was a phone troll stunt and Savage likely realized the Don and Mike reference meant the caller was just a troll calling in to screw with him. Unceremonious dumping of such callers is the standard fare. There is no excuse for his post call rant, but the shock quotient was about average for talk radio. Unfortunately for Savage the program was airing on TV, because had the remarks been made on radio only there would likely have been no notice paid to it.

The "master" (and I use that term loosely) of the pranks is a Captain Janks, whose mission is to get on live TV (news seems to be his favorite choice) and spin a tale about being on the scene of a breaking story, then working in Howard Stern references. Here is a brief Janks history, a TV Guide Jeer, and a newspaper interview with him.

Hat Tip: The Volokh Conspiracy - for the link to the Fox story.

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