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From WizbangTech - Open IE Favorites And Bookmarks In A New Window

This item originally appeared at my WizbangTech site, and a more detailed explanation and source code is available there.

Wish you could open items in your IE favorites list in a new browser window? Here's a quick way to get that functionality:

Click on this link

Choose to Open (or Run) it from its current location, and answer yes to all security prompts. Now you will have a right click option ("Link Opens in New Window") on your Favorites links and toolbar buttons. Enjoy!

Thanks to Kate for the suggestion.

Comments (2)

This registry entry does NO... (Below threshold)

This registry entry does NOT work for me.....!!!!!
How do I get rid of it.........??

This link does not work.</p... (Below threshold)

This link does not work.

Edit the reg file in notepad.
Record what files were created within that reg file, open regedit and delete them.

Worked for me.






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