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I know someone who is learning all about RSS, and is going to get it up and running real soon. You will be very happy when it happens!

Sorry that's all I can say, for now...

Update: I am shocked that there has been no wild speculation in the comment section. Feel free...

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Hey, if it's any of the mor... (Below threshold)

Hey, if it's any of the more reputable news outlets, I'll be a happy camper. I'm getting mighty sick of relying on NewsIsFree.com for my feeds since their service seems to go down at least twice a day.

What she said. The mainstre... (Below threshold)

What she said. The mainstream outlets need to catch up with us bleeding-edge bloggers and make themselves available for syndication via XML. There's only so much Ananova Quirkies one girl can take! :D

I'm working up to news outl... (Below threshold)

I'm working up to news outlets :-) One night we should all have a geeky OPML sharing party...






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